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Constantly Curious uses an approach that draws from the following influences and traditions:

Project Based Learning

This educational approach encourages students to learn in an active and hands on manner. In basic terms, it is learning by doing. This approach has been shown to be more engaging for learners at all levels and ages and promote depth of understanding. It makes teaching to children of various language backgrounds easier and facilitates interaction between students of varying backgrounds. It also improves learning retention and confidence.

Character and Manners

To our way of thinking, character and manners are more important than achievement. Sharing, cooperation, respect, self-discipline, positive communication and politeness are part and parcel of who we are and we expect students to understand this and reflect these principles in their behaviour.

Community and Diversity

When possible, we will integrate classes with the community at large. We aim to be inclusive of students from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds. If a student has special needs, we will do our best to adapt class to cater to their requirements.


The class teacher will often adopt the role of facilitator and guide to give students a framework and tools with which to create and explore. The goal is to guide them to make something of their own and show students ways they can find answers to their own questions.